Remuneration and welfare
Competitive compensation systemPost salary, performance salary, skill salary, year-end bonus, project bonus, retention bonus
Comprehensive welfare systemHoliday benefits, birthday gifts, transportation, telephone subsidies, academic allowances, rental subsidies, talent introduction subsidies
Systematic training systemComplete new employee induction training, allowing new employees to quickly integrate into the team
Humanistic care systemFree working meals, accommodation, extended tourism, annual medical examination, 5 days and 8 hours working system, legal paid annual leave, paid sick leave with humanistic care, family visits, etc.
Diversified on-the-job trainingCreate learning organization and cultivate compound employees
Perfect development mechanismManagement sequence, technology sequence, business sequence, production sequence, management sequence horizontal and vertical multi-channel development
Rich spare lifeRegular team activities (departmental gatherings, group tours, warm family days, festivals, cultural and sports events, etc.)

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