Research Center
  • Basic research center departmentFundamental research department (Materials research and development department) includes positive electrode group, negative electrode group, and electrolyte project group
    directionThe primary jobs for R&D center include new materials and replaceable materials characterizations, research results industrialization, basic electrochemical system setup, development of new materials and industrial processes; certification of client’s electrochemical system platforms and innovative batteries with advanced materials productions.
  • Product development center departmentBattery Development Department, Pilot Project Department
    directionNew product battery design, engineering techniques support and manufacturability of mass production analysis, production of sample batteries, sample delivery, pilot and conversion of new products, and materials and electrochemical system platforms setup.
  • Integrated power R&D center departmentPACK R&D Department, BMS R&D Department
    directionPower battery system, energy storage system and BMS basic platform development Power battery system, energy storage system, BMS customer’s application development and design.
  • Verification test center departmentMaterial Test Project group, Battery Test Project group, Battery System Test Project group, Equipment Management and Maintenance Project group, Standard System Project group, Phase I Test Project grou
    directionPhysical and chemical property tests of materials, electrical performance, reliability and safety testing of batteries and battery systems, research and development and construction of laboratory systems; development and verification of national standards, industry standards and customer requirements.
  • Safety and R&D Center departmentMaterials, electrochemical system group, cells group, battery system group
    directionDevelopments and applications of safety and reliability for materials, electrochemical system, telecommunication products, cells, battery system and the engineering process.
  • Project management center departmentProduct Management Group, Government Project Application Group, Intellectual Property and Management Group
    directionThe management and follow-up of new materials, new systems, new product. R&D and establishment of intellectual property systems. Management and maintenance of project management systems.
  • Strategic R&D Center departmentFollowing the progress of new materials and products in the new energy industry chain all over the world. ETP keeps providing prospective strategies and suggestions for new products.
    directionResearch and introduction of world-class new materials, new products, new equipment, new processes, new product development and certification, and industrialization research.

Quality system
  • System Certification eTrust Power products have received the official certification of the International Organization for Standardization. More
  • Product Certification eTrust Power products have received UL certification, UN, IEC and other product certification. More
  • Power battery field Lithium iron phosphate and ternary products passed the national strong inspection of new energy vehicles. More

Production capacity
eTrust Power product consistency and stability
The second phase of ETP at Zhenjiang provides a fully automatic production line with a production efficiency of 20 PPM/bar. It adopts fully enclosed automatic pulping production process, high-speed double-layer coating, automatic deviation correction, side short circuit, disk winding equipment, full inspection assembly line, and three-dimensional component system, which completely avoid human contact during battery production and ensure product’s consistency and stability.