• Research center
    In addition to adhere to independent innovation and routine breakthrough, ETP keeps following the progress of new materials and products in the new energy industry chain all over the world. ETP keeps increasing the investment in R&D and providing prospective strategies and suggestions for new products.
  • Quality Assurance
    Every product ETP produces undergoes strict managements and evaluations. We regard the safety production as our core value. The quality of our products is guaranteed based on the comprehensive inspection during the production process and we will continue to provide users new energy products with high cost performance.
  • Production capacity
    Together with the automatic material library, automatic product library and automated logistics system, MES system, real time monitoring of equipment status, the tracing system of whole production process information are established to generate quality reports automatically.

High security, high energy density, from eTrust Power
Battery product
ETP produced both LiFePO4 and NCM batteries which have been used in various EVs and energy storage applications.

Green Transportation
ETP powers the development and popularization of new energy vehicles and the evolution of the global energy system using our advanced lithium-ion battery (Core), the intelligent battery management system (Brain), and the advanced system integration technology (Bonds).